A Straight Play - Sarah E. Taylor, dir. Roz Cavallaro

No Frills Theatre Collective, May 2017

The Nemesis Effect - Sarah E. Taylor, dir. Amanda Dupuy

No Frills Theatre Collective, July 2017

No Frills, New Thrills Festival

No Frills Theatre Collective, August 2018

The Letters Project II - dir. Robbie Tann

No Frills Theatre Collective, March 2019

No Frills, New Thrills Festival II

No Frills Theatre Collective, August 2019

The Space We Take Up - Kylie Brown, dir. Anna Betteridge

No Frills Theatre Collective, November 2019

Unstuck in Time - Kyle Anthony Smith, dir. Kaila Galinat

No Frills Theatre Collective, March 2020



The Leap - Sarah E. Taylor, dir. Shanna Riker

Sit A Spell Productions, May 2020

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