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It All Began When...

... Sarah E. Taylor started playing video games at the tender age of three. Growing up, she knew she wanted to work in the industry and once she discovered voice over, her mind was made up -- she was going to work in voice over! With some birthday money and a smile, sixteen year old Sarah bought her first microphone and began her voice over journey.

If I could live in a sound booth, I woul

... And The Journey Continues...

It's happening!!.jpg

In 2011, Sarah moved out to New York where she attended college at Long Island University Post. While there, she trained with amazing instructors and soon found her love for writing, theater, and film. 

Graduating in 2015, Sarah obtained her BFA in Musical Theater and was excited to use what she learned at school in the "real world"!

... Onward! To The "Real World"!

Now, Sarah E. Taylor works as an actor, writer, and producer.

- She has written over twenty works, many of which have been produced throughout NYC. Her writing has gained over ten award nominations and a number of first prize winners!

- A Straight Play was her first self-published work and is available for purchase HERE.

- In 2015, she (along with two of her peers) founded No Frills Theatre Collective, where she helps produce new and upcoming works for the stage.

-The spring of summer 2021 marked her first foray into producing her own films with her company "860 Films"!

A working voice actor, you can also hear her voice on educational videos, children's cartoons, radio promotions, and much more. She is grateful to work with companies such as: WowNowEntertainment, Lincoln Learning Solutions, and 2For2 Studios.

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"She made the process so much easier than I was expecting and the audio is perfect!" - Leahjorgensen 

"Sarah has an exceptional acting talent. I am very satisfied with what I got. Delivery was on time and of a perfect quality. The communication was on the highest level. My video game character really did acquire some character! - antmimik​

"Awesome experience, as always! Amazing work with characterization! Seller continuously delivers highest-quality work!" - LincolnLearning

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