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FOR THE STARS                          Zeek                          PRINCIPAL                   SVA Student Film

TWELFTH GRADE (OR WHATEVER)     Viola/Sam              PRINCIPAL                   Quip Modest Productions

PRETTY                                          Victoria                 PRINCIPAL                   Hunter College Film

YOU, ME, AND DEATH               Mint                        PRINCIPAL                   Hunter College Film

THE NEMESIS EFFECT PROMO            Nemesis                   PRINCIPAL                   No Frills Theatre Collective HOSPITAL INDUSTRIAL          Nurse Pat              PRINCIPAL                    Winthrop University


HAPPY SNAPPY TV       Animation        Happy & Snappy        PRINCIPAL       Happy Snappy TV

98.3 WFXO                       Radio Promo     Voice                            PRINCIPAL        98.3 WFXO

ANIMATIC                        Animation         Mia                                 PRINCIPAL        Yin Wang Productions FISH TALES                     Animation           Various                       SUPPORTING     Ruthless Studio

ANCESTRY                      Podcast               Vireni                          SUPPORTING     Koach Studios


THE WALLS                             Carrie               Post Theater Company                    Dir. Brian Quirk

JULIUS CAESAR                    Casca                 Post Theater Company                    Dir. Gail Winar

PETER/WENDY                     Smee                    Alpha NYC                                              Dir. Alex Acevedo

WIFE BEATER (Reading)             Time                   ID Theater                                               Dir. Rick DesRochers

THE BRAGGART OF BOURBON STREET Ambrose          Dry With A Twist Theatrics          Dir. Kevin P. Joyce

THIRTY MINUTES TO CHARLIE      Nurse                Three Rivers Community                Dir. David Keller



          BFA Musical Theater           LIU Post         Cum Laude         May 2015

Classes: Musical Theater, Suzuki, Viewpoints, Shakespeare, Playwriting, Voice, Speech, Stage Combat

Professors: David Hugo, Maria Porter, Erik Andrews, Jon Fraser, Cosmo Mallardi, Valerie Clayman Pye, Alicia Rodis, Rick DesRochers




Drums (Marching), Drums (Kit), Auxilary Percussion, Stage Management, Playwriting, Stage Combat (unarmed), Rapiers, Rifles, Revolvers, Beat Boxing, Hanging Lights, Set Building, Buzzing Hair, Recreational Baseball (Catcher/Outfield), Recreational Swimming, Recreational Bicycling, Recreational Fishing, NYS Driver's License, NYS Fire Guard, CPR/AED/First Aid Certified.

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